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What does an industrial engineer do ?

An Industrial Engineer looks at the big picture & considers the system as a whole.

The job of an Industrial Engineer is ……

-To make effective utilization of the available resources i.e. – Man, Money, Material & machinery

- reduce wastage

- improve productivity

- improve quality

    Industrial engineering is a profession committed to improvement 

We always try to figure out how to do things better.

While other engineering fields are known by the products that they design, industrial engineers are known for the systems they design.

Industrial Engineering, is about making organizations perform

If you ask for a formal definition of industrial engineering…..

                        It is the application of engineering methods and the principles of scientific management to the design, installation and improvement of integrated systems of people, materials, information, equipment and energy.

IE is an engineering approach to the detailed analysis of the cost and usage of the resources to increase productivity and improved quality.

An Ind Engineer’s technique goes beyond mechanical cost factor. He is associated with organization structure, administrative technique, labour problems, supply chain management, inventory management, operations management

The best part about industrial engineering is the flexibility it offers

It is the most versatile engineering discipline.

Industrial Engineers work in virtually all industries be it manufacturing, banking, transportation, health care, telecommunications, consulting, and government

Engineering in general, is the application of science and mathematics to the development of products and services useful to mankind. Industrial Engineering focuses on the "way" those products and services are made

Like all engineering fields, industrial engineering is concerned with solving problems through the application of scientific and practical knowledge.

An industrial engineer differs from other engineers by applying this knowledge in a wide variety of fields: information technology (IT), healthcare, aerospace, power generation, finance and business consulting.

Unlike the other engineering disciplines that focus their attention purely on the technical aspects of a system, the Industrial Engineer incorporates human and economic considerations in system design

IE principles and practices are universally applicable wherever resources are scarce or productivity needs to be improved

Any productive organization requires competitive planning, scheduling, control, management decision-making, and the use of computer information systems. All of these areas require the skills and creativity of the industrial engineer. As opposed to other specialization areas of the engineering profession that deal mostly with actual products and processes, industrial engineers focus on optimizing entire production systems.

Through the wide range of job responsibilities, they provide a bridge between management objectives and operational performance.

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