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This website gives a bird's eyeview of the various concepts in Industrial Engineering.

This website could be useful for budding engineers who want to know more about IE

Also to practicing Industrial Engineers to rediscover the fascinating and ever evolving field of INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING

At present the content has been divided into 5 sections

About IEEdit

It explains what Industrial Engineering is all about and what industrial engineers do........

IE 1Edit

This section gives something of almost eveything in Industrial Engineering. It deals with....

Productivity Production Systems JIT KANBAN MRP Loading Sequencing Scheduling Dispatching Expediting Routing Gantt chart CPM PERT PPC Inventory Control ABC ERP SIX Sigma Group Technology Concurrent Engineering FMS Lean CIM Agile job batch mass process Functional Product Line Hybrid Layout CRAFT Job Evaluation Merit Raring Ergonomics Forecasting Time Series methods Causal methods Exponential Smoothing Operations Research Linear Programming Simplex method Transportation model Queuing theory Degeneracy Duality Sensitivity Analysis Simulation Project Management Pareto Chart Kaizen Pokayoke EDD SPT LPT FCFS LCFS HML VED SDE FSN Production Planning & Control Value analysis Value engineering blast create refine Slack variable Surplus variable


This section handels all the quality issues such as.....

Quality quality control quality assurance quality control inspection x r p c charts process capability ISO 9000 poisson normal binomial distribution standard Deviation mean 6 sigma work sampling variables attributes zero defect quality circle reliability availability

taguchi methods Capability Maturity Model CMM PCMM


This section tackels classical workstudy techniques like........

Work Study, Work Measurement, Method Study, Stopwatch Timestudy, Motion Study, Process Charts, Work Sampling, PMTS Rating

Allowances, Synthesis, Analytical Estimating, TMU Wink, Outline Process Chart, Operation Process Chart, Flow Process Chart

Multiple Activity Chart, Two-handed Process Chart, Left-hand Right-hand Chart, SIMO Chart, Flow Diagram, String diagram

Cyclegraph, Chronocyclegraph, Micromotion Study, Memo Motion Study, Therbligs

New TechEdit

This section plays with the new kids on the block of IE like.........

SCM (Supply Chain Management) RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) ERPII ERP evolution web services XML role of internet Web-based architecture

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